Haunted Victorian Mansion Holiday Food Drive November 30th!

Have you always wanted to tour the famous S.K. Pierce Mansion? Here's your chance. Just bring a bag or box of non-perishable food items, and receive a tour of the mansion. All food donated goes to a local food bank. So stop by between 1pm and 6pm on Saturday, November 30th and have some fun, while helping others!

Charity food drive at the haunted Vicotiorian mansion

So Beautiful, So Haunted

Welcome to the Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, MA, also known as the S.K. Pierce Mansion. When you think of haunted places in New England, one place that comes to mind is the very haunted Victorian mansion in Gardner, MA. Built in 1875, it has a long and colorful history, including accounts of murder and suspicious deaths. It is no wonder that many of its inhabitants are ghosts who have decided not to move out.

About the S.K. Pierce Mansion

Originally a private residence of the wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce, its history of becoming a brothel, a boarding house, and residence of an eccentric artist whose paintings were a bit disturbing (half man, half beast paintings) might be the reason the Victorian is infested with both active spirits and imprints of residual energy. We, the current owners, and past owners have come to live with the paranormal phenomena that are a common occurrence in the mansion.

The mansion has deteriorated to the point where its very survival is threatened. We have opened the mansion up to tours and paranormal investigations, whose proceeds will help to maintain the architectural magnificence of this historic landmark. When you walk through the mansion’s 9-foot mahogany door, you can feel the resident spirits waiting to welcome you. Each visit never fails to yield remarkable paranormal evidence. The ghosts of the dead are very much alive and well at the Victorian.

About the Owners

My name is Edwin, and my lovely wife Lillian and I are currently the owners of a 26-room Victorian mansion in Gardner, MA. The mansion is known as being one of the most haunted homes in the country. My story started about 5 years ago when I purchased the mansion. Neither of us knew anything about the home’s reputation of being haunted. We saw the home for sale online, quickly made an appointment to see it, and fell in love with it right away. The mansion charmed us.

We immediately experienced unexplained ghostly encounters on the very weekend after buying the home. Never having experienced any paranormal activity in Boston and not believing in ghosts, this was very difficult for us to deal with. We officially moved in in April of 2009. Over the next few months, we began to experience moving objects, whispering and chanting, loud banging on our master bedroom door, voices calling our names, footsteps, slamming doors in the middle of the night, shadows, tapping, sounds and smells, and even full body apparitions.

Lillian would see large shadows darting from room to room in the basement when she was alone there. One time she was driven to leave the basement when she observed a shadow hovering over her shoulder. In contrast, on another occasion Lillian was led to the basement for no reason after hearing voices, and she began digging for hours until she unearthed a bone.

In the fall of 2011, we abruptly moved out. The activity became just too much to handle. For example, Lillian awoke to find herself held down on our bed. After a few minutes Lillian began to scream. She does not recall screaming “take her off me,” but those screams still echo in my head.